Recycle Crew

Got a knack for sales… Re-Cycle crew is your place. The Re-Cycle crew works to recruit riders for next year’s event during the current event. Basic computer knowledge is necessary to set-up and log-on to our website and assist participants in to sign-up. The Re-Cycle crew also works with our Store to sell and manage inventory of items available for purchase to the ride community.

Crew Description:  The primary goal of the Re-Cycle team is to register people for next year’s event. The team will be furnished with three laptops with Internet access via a MiFi connection. This will allow riders/crew to directly access the website to sign up. Registration is $135.


  • Put up 10×10 tent
  • Obtain a Folding Table and 2 Chairs
  • Obtain table cloth for use on table
  • Place Flutter Flag
  • Ensure Laptop/MiFi connectivity and ability to hit the server.
  • Will obtain leftover store merchandise for sale in the Store. Will replicate the process used by the store on Orientation Day.


Orientation Day:

  • Crew will have space in the registration area to register participants. At the end of the shift, place flag and tent on the Gear Truck (not Bike Parking) for transport to Hawks Cay in the AM

Day One:

  • In the AM of Day One, the team will not be doing registration but will assist with opening ceremonies as needed.
  • Re-Cycle team should arrive to Hawk’s Cay around the time listed. On arrival, will obtain 10×10 pop-up tent and place as indicated on the Site Map. The registration of new riders shall begin between noon and 1PM and last until a majority of the people have left (or you have managed to sign up everyone on this years event for next years). Team may mingle during dinner to see who may want to sign-up at dinner time. Additionally, one Flutter Flag saying Re-Cycle will be placed in front of the tent to indicate the location.

Day Two:

  • In the morning, assist Hawks Cay crew with placing equipment on the Bike Parking Truck as needed. The flag and 10×10 tent should be placed on the Bike Parking (not Gear) truck or may be transported by the crew.
  • Crew should plan to arrive at KWHS at about 8:25 AM. If delayed, contact dispatch, and put up their tent and the flutter flag for their area. Duties for today are similar to that at Hawks Cay.