What is the 100% Guarantee?

100% of what you raise goes to AIDS Service Organizations in Florida GUARANTEED. You will make a significant difference in the lives of those at risk, infected and affected by HIV/AIDS

You have a degree of control over how your money is distributed:
90% of your funds are divided as follows: 50% is divided amongst all the benefiting agencies; 50% you decide how much and to which agency(s) your money goes (choosing from the agencies benefiting). All benefiting agencies will earmark the money toward direct services and education. To include:

  • Pharmaceutical Care
  • Residential Assistance
  • Psycho Social Services
  • Dental Care
  • Holistic Care
  • Housing
  • Medical Care
  • Prenatal and Child Care
  • Prevention & Education

The remaining 10% goes to the Lifeline (added in 2012 to help your impact go even further):
10% of all your funds are put into a pool, 100% of which is given out. This money is earmarked principally for additional agencies around the state that have needs that are currently not being met through other funding sources. In 2013 $88,000 was earmarked and in 2014 an additional $107,000 and in 2015 more than $115,000 was added. To date over $195,00 of this money has been given out to additional agencies working with HIV and AIDS