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All participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the ride. Very rare exceptions have been made to this rule if there is a compelling case, and would require additional waivers of liability, and guardian supervision. Safety of the ride is paramount to every person becoming involved.

Since 100% of money you raise goes to the benefitting agencies, registration money is used to help offset the cost of all those items involved in putting together the ride, and is non-refundable. These are things such as insurance, permits, vehicle rentals, etc…) Included with the registration fee:

  • A personal/customizable homepage to help support your fundraising goals on the SmartRide website. Information on setting up are provided when registering.
  • Overnight accommodations at Hawks Cay.
  • Two dinners, two lunches and two breakfasts.
  • Pit Stop snacks to keep you energized and fit. These include items such as fruit, peanut butter, energy bars, water, and energy drinks.
  • Other things your registration fee offsets are the cost of:

Each rider commits to raising $1250 to be able to ride. If a rider is short, but knows that additional money is forthcoming, they can put the difference on a credit card that will not be run for 30 days. The other option is  to pay the difference on orientation day.

There are several ways to help you as a rider reach your goal.

  1. First and foremost check out the fundraising page for great tips to help you meet your goal.
  2. Stay in touch with your rider rep, they are here to help  you. You can find the contact info for your rider rep on your personal home page when you sign in.
  3. Join a riding team, fundraise together, do outreaches, throw parties and more. The benefit of a team is that you train, practice, and fundraise together, each member helps with their strengths to be sure everyone who has tried gets to ride.

In the end if you do any and all of the above you will make your fundraising goal. Unfortunately if you can’t make the goal, you can always switch to one of our crew positions (there are over 240 of them) and still participate.

Ready to register? Click here.
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