SMART Ride 18 is a ride to Life!

This year we come out of a worldwide pandemic, it took us away from friends and loved ones, it was reminiscent of the early 80’s where those with AIDS were so feared that they were shunned and stigmatized. This year we connect, we rejoice and we CELEBRATE Life, lives lived, lives taken away.

Join us and make the world a better healthier place.

Official COVID Statement

With regard to COVID, The SMART Ride has always operated with “safety first” in our mission. Safety of riders, crew members, and volunteers is a priority. While we urge all of our participants, crew members, and volunteers to be vaccinated, we will follow all Local, state, federal, and CDC guidelines/protocols in producing The SMART Ride. While a majority of the Ride is an outdoor event, please use your own judgement with self-care while participating indoors and out.

Housing statement:

We urge all SMART Ride participants, crew members, and volunteers to be vaccinated for COVID. Housing on Friday night of the Ride at Hawk’s Cay will continue with the practice of rooming all participants together (4-6 people) in villas. You have the option of choosing your roommates, or a rooming assignment will be made for you. If an assignment is made for you and you feel uncomfortable about such, then Single occupancy rooms are available in limited quantities. Additional fees will apply for a single room and are based on first come, first served basis. 





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