Hello SMART Ride family-

Hurricane Irma hit all of Florida just over a week ago. Many of our friends and family are still without power. Others of us just got power back within the last 72 hours. As we continue to recover, we continue to assess damage and how it impacts SMART Ride 14. 

We wish we could tell you more, but as you can imagine there are more questions than answers to give you a definitive plan at this moment. For now, we encourage you to continue to train (stay in shape, keep your blood sugar low, keep your stress level down, keep those endorphins up). Biking is good for you year round.

We have heard from many of you asking “Is SMART Ride happening?, How does this affect the event?, When will you know? I need to make plans and I need answers!“…..BREATHE…Inhale….Exhale… repeat.  We are working through the situation and on the appropriate next steps.

SMART Ride is vital to the lives of tens of thousands of individuals regardless of what path we choose (pun intended). As you are all aware, there remains a great financial need for the agencies who support those affected by HIV and AIDS. Federal funding is questionable and new challenges as a result of Irma tax am already burdened system. 

If you are a rider, or a crew, please keep your fundraising up, AIDS did not take a holiday when the storm hit, but it did exasperate many lives of those affected by HIV and AIDS. We still need to raise at least $1Million to help. As we have been saying for months “If not now, when?” do we stand up and stop HIV and AIDS? When do we make a difference in the lives of countless people you may never meet? 

We should have some answers in the next week or so. Please remain optimistic. Now IS the time, and I know we are up to the challenge.

Ride Safe,


SMART Ride 14

Nov. 17 and 18
2 days, 165-Mile Ride from Miami to Key West.
We have raised over $8.5 million for AIDS Service Organizations since 2003.
SMART Ride is the 2nd largest AIDS bicycle ride in the country and the only one of its size to give back 100%.

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Starting to Plan?
Have questions about rentals? Shipping? Travel? More? Be sure to check our FAQs here! Want to see what to expect? Experience past rides here!

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Congratulations Riders and Crew for SMART Ride 2016, and thank you to every donor and sponsor. Together you did the remarkable! Thank you for making a difference in the world. Over 1 Million reasons to be thankful.

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Stopping this Pandemic Starts With You

There’s no time like the present to become part of SMART Ride 14 this coming November 17th & 18th 2017. Join hundreds of fellow riders and crew as we take our annual journey from Miami to Key West. For those not familiar with SMART Ride, you can read all about us using the tabs in the menu above. But what makes us truly unique is our 100% guarantee that every penny you raise as a rider or crew will go to help those affected, infected or at risk for HIV and AIDS in Florida. In the past 13 years we have raised over $8.5 Million and 100% of every penny went back to the communities we all serve.

Check out our list of impressive sponsors when you get a second and see how when communities come together anything is possible!