Mission, Vision, Values

TSR Adventures, Inc. is committed through the combination of individual contributions and public/private partnerships to creating, producing and/or overseeing community-based events in which 100% of what the participant raises is returned to benefiting non-profit organizations.  In so doing, we act as an avenue for change in the non-profit fundraising community.

Through the events we produce, we will assemble and sustain a group of thoughtful, committed citizens to build relationships and raise funds to positively affect the lives of people, whom the citizens may have never met, and in so doing challenge themselves to stretch the limits of what they thought they could do as an individual.

Transparency:  Ensure through open accounting practices that we remain accountable to the community for the monies entrusted to us.

Stewardship:  Ensure that the funds raised by participants are treated as a gift from the community by the benefiting agencies and are used by them for direct services to the individuals which they serve.

Empowerment:  We invest in the power of human potential by producing events which are personally challenging and rewarding and through attainment of individual goals people are able to benefit the community as a whole.

Collaboration:  Work with individuals, benefiting agencies and corporations to build relationships which maximize resources and provide an environment where these relationships result in community changing endeavors which any entity individually could not have created.