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We know you miss the cool breezes,  the sound of your fellow riders yelling “passing on the left!“.   Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to look forward to this fall?  SMART Ride is this  November 19th & 20th, 2021.  




It’s time to add over 43 bridges that connect the Florida Keys, a chain of islands from Miami to Key West, to your accomplishments…go tropical! Picture the grass skirts you can ride in. We offer all the amenities your accustomed to and even upgraded your experience to a 4star resort (yup NO tents). Picture it, running water, air conditioning, NO PORT -O- LETS! 


Many of you have been on  SMART Ride or  you probably know someone who has (check out the photos below of your ALC friends participating in the past. I personally have been on 9 of your rides and they are memories I will never forget.   


Reasons you can’t say no to this opportunity.



    • We don’t sleep in tents!… Villas…baby!!!
    • No hills?
    • 100% of the funds you raise will go to direct services, education and care and not one penny to produce the event
    • We are the second largest AIDS Ride in the country (ALC is number 1)
    • You help decide how ½ your money is divided amongst the chosen agencies
    • It’s 2 days, 165 miles
    • You can extend your stay in Miami and/orKey West over the Thanksgiving holiday
    • We may even have Chicken Lady!!! (she promised, and with so many of you here, she might just return to FloridaI hope to see you this fall,  


Need more reasons, send us a note at or better yet, sign up here