For SMART Ride 17, we will be introducing some unique incentives.* We hope these will give you a little boost to go the extra mile in an unprecedented year.


  1. Raise $1500 or more and receive this years commemorative T-shirt  with the “reimagine logo”. Must raise minimum of $1500 by October 1st
  2. Raise $2500 or more by October 1st  and receive a limited addition SR 17 Jersey
  3. Raise $5,000 or more and receive SMART Ride 18 (yes 18) jersey (to be picked up on orientation day 2021)
  4. Get 4 people not registered for this year to ride at the new registration rate of $35 and have each raise at least $250 and you get a SMART Ride (Herschel style) bag.

Check back for more incentives!

*Actual incentives are currently in the works and the list here is subject to change!