How will SMART Ride 17 be structured? Will there be support along my chosen route?

As you know, the SMART Ride has historically been a 165 mile journey from Miami to Key West. In that spirit, riders this year are challenged to ride 165 miles, wherever they may be, over the weekend of November 20th – 22nd.

We ask that you ride in your region, or even go with some buddies to an area you don’t normally ride in and change it up for the weekend. You can reach out to Delmay & Partners under the travel section and they will help you find accommodations. It could be fun to explore other parts of the state and routes you don’t normally take. Maybe if you live in Miami you would like to ride in the Orlando area? Or maybe Tampa wants to ride in Miami? The combinations are endless. We can help connect you to others.

Because these will not be officially supported rides, we urge you to practice all of the same safety biking practices that we adhere to every day (you can find them on our website if you have forgotten!).

What if I was a crew member or can’t/don’t ride a bike?
This year for the first time, ANYONE can participate? Just commit to logging 165 miles, minutes, or any other measurable metric of a physical challenge that they choose over that weekend. For example, you can swim 165 laps, do 165 pushups or situps (or both!), run, jog, paddleboard or kayak 165 minutes. Motorcycle crew can even still do 165 miles on your bikes! You choose!

Why did we change the normal routine this year and reimagine ourselves?

Simply, we couldn’t get assurance this new normal to guarantee that the route to Key West would be open, or that Key West would change the rules to allow for groups larger than 50ppl to visit. We believe that it is the right moral and ethical way to proceed for this year.

Why didn’t you just cancel or move the date?

The needs of those we serve has become even moe important than ever, with more people homeless or on the verge of being homeless, access to food, is all putting the agencies we help and the clients they serve in an comic tailspin and SMART Ride can help change that for thousands across the sate.

What is the cost to register for SMART Ride 17?

$35 is the cost to register and participate for SMART Ride 17. Whether you ride or choose another challenge, the cost is the same.

Why is there a $35 registration fee?
The registration fees helps to cover the operating costs that still exist for SMART Ride, which operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit. Rent, utilities, costs to run the website, etc….are paid for through registration.

I am registered, what happens to the fee I paid already?
If you registered prior to August 17th, you are still registered for SR17 and you have the options to either:

a) Roll your registration over to SMART Ride 18, November 19th & 20th, 2021.
You can still participate this year in SR17.*

b) Donate your registration fee to help offset the costs of producing the SMART Ride
and then re-register and pay for next year’s Ride when SR18 registration opens in

**This option will be available in the coming weeks when you log into your SMART Ride account on our website.**

What do I need to participate?
After you register for $35, we invite you to choose your own challenge. Using the 165 mile goal as a metric, you can choose any activity to help fundraise! For example:

  • 165 miles. As a rider, we challenge you to ride 165 miles over 3 days from November 20th, 21st, and 22nd (by 3pm).
  • 165 miles = 330,000 steps. With 96 days from August 18th to November 22nd, thats 3437.5 steps a day = 1.5 miles a day.
  • 165 minutes =  2.75 hours.You can commit to 2.75 hours of activity each day that weekend
  • Each day of the Ride, do 165 pushups, jumping jacks, laps in the pool……

In addition, we ask you to commit to fundraising $1250!!! While not a requirement, any amount raised will help to support our six benefiting agencies. Visit our fundraising page for tips on how to raise money this year!

Can I do anything else to support the Ride?
Each of the benefiting agencies will be hosting open houses the weekend of the Ride. We welcome to you to volunteer to help support them as needed. You can reach out to the agency in your area by contacting them directly. If you need help locating your contact, send a note to us at Info@thesmartride.org.

How do I fundraise?
Visit the FUNDRAISING page on our website for tips on soliciting donations and ways to use our website, social media, and/or Strava to help get pledges.

What if I don’t want to participate alone? Can I find someone in my area to ride or walk, etc.., with? 
For riders, you can contact your area rider rep indicated when you log in to the SMART Ride site. For all other participants, email jonc@thesmartride.org and we will try you connect you with someone in your area.

What if I still want to ride to Key West? Or what if I want to find other riders in my area to ride with?
Contact your rider reps for all rider related inquiries specific to teams, others riders, potential routes, etc….They will be able to put you in touch with those in your area and /or provide further info to your specific needs.

Can I still stay at Hawks Cay the weekend of the ride and ride from there to Key West?

Absolutely, but you are on your own for the cost of the overnight housing. Reach out to DelMay and Partners (see travel icon on home page) and they can get you costs, and work on your logistics.

I’m really gonna miss everyone. How can we stay connected?
Virtual events will be held online the week of the event, including the traditional opening ceremonies, candlelight vigil, ride out, and closing ceremonies. The total amount of funds raised will be announced at the conclusion of the weekend on November 22nd. We will also be reaching out to you to provide images and stories as you prepare for the November weekend!

When is SMART Ride 18? And when will registration open?

SR18 is currently scheduled for November 19th & 20th, 2021, with Orientation Day on the 18th.
Registration will open November 22nd, 2020.