Thank You For Donating

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Thank you for your generous donation of $<blank value> to <blank value> for this year’s SMART Ride. SMART Ride as you probably know this year is going to be a little different in our execution of the event, but the need to persevere is strong because the need to fill the void in other funding is so great. COVID-19, has allowed us to find our inner creativity to succeed and with your help we will make an impact, helping fill the void of other funding sources that have been eliminated.  100% of the money raised from donors like yourself is guaranteed to go to AIDS Service Organizations around Florida for education, prevention and care. SMART Ride is a non profit 501c3 organizations with a tax id of 45-1442103. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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This year is I have a personal favor to ask. Do you think you can do 165 minutes of exercise, or run 1.65 miles or canoe or Kyak 16.5 miles over three days? Maybe you can ride 165 miles on your bike, as so many will. Bottom line, its; easier than every to participate from your own location. Maybe grab your significant other/or friends and work together that weekend on a personal 165 challenge. Ask a few friends to “help you help others” by making donations to your efforts. In the end you get a fun weekend, you raise money, and the world is a better place. Give it a thought…CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR ONLY $35 this year.

Again, we are so grateful for your support. If you would like to participate or learn more about SMART Ride please visit our home page or feel free to email us at

Thank you again,

Glen Weinzimer