Thank You For Registering For SMART Ride 18

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Thank you, for registering for SMART Ride 18, if there is any year that we need you, it is this year. What we  do is so important to the survival of agencies across Florida. You have chosen to join an elite group of individuals that care to see the world a little brighter, a world free of HIV, and the stigma around it. A world where AIDS is truly a memory of the past, where we celebrate those who came before us and honor those who fell victim to this disease.

Let’s get started

SMART Ride 18- This is going to be an amazing adventure, and you will change lives and have some fun along the way. We

Don’t let your bike collect dust, it was meant to see the open road, to feel the wind between its spokes. Riding even as the  pandemic is coming to an end (fingers crossed) is probably one of the safest ways to get exercise and ride while social distancing. 

Follow the rules of the road, bicycles are considered vehicles in Florida and subject to the same rules as cars.

You represent the backbone of SMART Ride on any year and it will be  so great to have our team together again this year, supporting the riders and keeping them safe.

In the coming weeks you will hear from your rider rep or crew chief to help you navigate the waters. In the meantime, you can always find information on the Ride, what to expect, and more, on our website at For now, here’s a link to some frequently asked questions which is updated often.

What makes SMART Ride different from all others events of this magnitude?  Our 100% guarantee that every penny you raise will go to AIDS Service Organizations around Florida. We do NOT use fundraising dollars to offset the cost of producing the event.  The second unique feature of SMART Ride-you get a degree of control over which benefiting agencies receive the funds you raise. Pretty Cool!

Together we can and will make a difference in the fight against HIV and AIDS, we have an opportunity to surprise everyone by raising record dollars. For any immediate questions, please check out our FAQ page.  If you don’t find the answer, just drop us a note at

Ride Safe, Be Safe, Wear a Helmet,

Founder on behalf of the board of TSR Adventures