How do I meet my fundraising goal?

If you have never raised funds before, $1,250 can seem like a scary amount. You will be surprised how individuals respond to you when you tell them what you are doing and that you need their “help” in achieving your goal.

Visit our fundraising page for more tips and a handy list of ideas!

Directions and Parking for the University of Miami

All orientation day activities will take place in the Donna E. Shalala Student Center.

Parking is available at the Pavia Parking Garage on Thursday (regular hourly parking rates apply). To park, you will need to download an app upon entering the garage and pay by phone (see info below directions).

If you wish to leave you car at the garage Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you will need an app – instructions below directions.  

Directions to the garage and to the student center complex are below. Remember, too, that mass transportation via rail is also an option. For more information on that visit our FAQs here.


Parking at the University is now payable via app. Instructions for downloading and using the app are below. Hourly rates apply on orientation day. We are working on a code for parking for those who may be leaving cars Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and will update. There will be an $8/day fee charged for parking those days.

Closest airports available for out of town participants

Coming from out of town or out of state? We are an easily accessible South Florida destination. While the closest airport is Miami International, you may find better pricing for flights into nearby Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International .

With either one, you won’t need a car! There are inexpensive Uber or Lyft options as well as public transportation.
Our TRI-RAIL /Metrorail public transportation system runs North and South from northern most West Palm Beach to Miami (map, right). You can catch Tri-Rail at Ft Lauderdale Airport, then transfer at the TRI-RAIL/METRORAIL Transfer Station. Take Metrorail to the University of Miami stop (see map below).






From Miami airport, just take the Metrorail right to the University of Miami stop.
(map left)

See their website links highlighted for schedules.

Take the Train to the Ride!!!!

Tri-Rail and Metrorail will drop you off right at the University!

More information to follow. But here is an overview.
The University of Miami is easily accessible from all major airports, and up and down the east coast, by rail.




TRI-RAIL Runs North and South from West Palm Beach to Miami. Get on and head south. You can even catch it at Ft Lauderdale Airport!  Transfer at the TRI-RAIL/METRORAIL Transfer Station.

Visit for schedules.








From the TRI-RAIL/METRORAIL Transfer Station, Metrorail runs south right to the University of Miami! Also has routes from/to the Miami Airport!

Click here for Metrorail schedules.

Hotel Options Before/After the Ride

Where do I stay before or after the ride? Are there any deals to be had? –
Good News! We have once again partnered with DelMay and Partners for SMART Ride 18 to help with all our hotel needs. Below is the link to the current list of participating hotels. We are still awaiting pricing information for some. And more sites  may be added as they become available. You may even consider reaching out to team mates or other riders or crew members to share a room and save!

Delmay Partners – Hotels before and after the Ride

Housing Friday Night of the Ride


On Friday night of the ride, rooms are provided in Hawks Cay, Florida. Registration for these rooms will open on September 23rd.  You will receive an email asking you to log in and choose your room mates.

  • 4-6 People per room
  • Private bathroom and air conditioning.
  • The beautiful pool area, manicured grounds, and waterfront.
  • There is NO additional cost for these accommodations to riders or crew (unless you upgrade).

For Thursday night before the ride, and, Saturday night following the conclusion of the ride, check the housing page for recommendations on where to stay.