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RAISED: $3,012

Noah Freedman - Rider # 25

Hey Y’all,


Yes, you know what time it is… It is time for me to do my annual sanity check. You know the one where every year my friends and family actually wonder what happened to the lazy Noah they used to know. The one who, before the invention of the remote control, would complain about getting up to change the channel:) Well, that Noah now checks his sanity by riding his bike from Miami to Key West (165 miles) over two days. I don’t do it just to check the mind or for the physical challenge, I do it to raise money for people living with HIV/AIDS throughout the State of Florida.

Why do I put myself through this year after year. Y’all who know me well, know that I help others more than I help myself. Which is true, and knowing that the money you donate help people that still have trouble finding a place to live because they are labeled as sick, can’t afford prescriptions to keep from dying, and even just being able to help someone get to a Doctor’s appointment are very valid reasons for participating and 90% of the reason why I ride. The other 10% is because I am surrounded by people who are there for the same reason. In this day when we see and hear things that we never thought our leaders would say, it is nice to be around people who just want to help others.


So, after reading all of that, I know you want to give more than you have ever given to any charity because it is for such a great cause and my persuasive words! You can start filling out the form below. Maybe you even have it stored in autofill to make it easier when you buy things online:)

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My Heroes

Todd Burrowes
LongHorn Steakhouse
Noah- I admire that you do this every year to help others- bravo!

Michael Beers
BAM Hospitality
I hope the wind is at your back, gravel is hard-packed, and you never tire of saying “on your left!”

Jo Freedman

Peter Tiffany
Peter Tiffany Construction
When you look back over your shoulder, you might not see me, but I'll be behind you the whole way!

Judy Ruland

Matthew and Gladys Freedman

Dennis Harper
I admire you for doing this my friend! Prayers for a safe journey!

Jennifer Wiley
Good luck and I hope you have another great ride!!

Matt Davidson
Excellence with Integrity Institute
"Traveler, There Is No Path. The path must be forged by RIDING"

Lorin Freedman
CHI Franciscan

Linda Ryan
Focus on the journey, not the destination... you got this! Thank you for doing for others Noah. I will be with you in spirit :)

Abigail B Sivan Sivan
go for it!!!

Bob Sanders

Michael St.Bernard

Brad Haviland
Good luck! Hope you have a comfy seat:)

Kelly Covert
May the wind always be on your back!

Nan Gartenberg
Have FUN! I hope to see you soon!!

Liz Pounders

Stephanie Edwards
Wishing you another successful ride! Good luck!

Robin Tryon
Ride, Noah, ride!! What a great thing you are doing!! Hope you can feel your butt by the end!

Destinie Ames
Cheers to one SUPER Human! Proud to know you, Noah! Wishing you great weather and an amazing ride.

Ann Schaefer
Ride like the wind!

Ted\'s Montana Grill