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GOAL: $3,000
RAISED: $200

Noah Freedman - Rider # 17

Greetings Everyone,

It’s that time again. Time for my annual sanity check. Who would consider a bicycle ride from Miami to Key West over 2 days a sane adventure?

I didn’t think it was possible 7 years ago when I was about to participate in my first SMART Ride and I thought I was insane to be even convinced to be one of the riders (thank you Tom Boyko for not letting me back out)! That being said, it wasn’t so hard. This is where I am sure some of you muttered to yourselves “you’re still crazy for doing this!”

Every year I write a humorous (well, I think it is funny) email/post asking you to donate to my rider number. I would write a little blurb about:
 -That SMART Ride is an acronym for the Southern Most AIDS/HIV Ride.
 -It is on Friday November 17th, and Saturday November 18th
 -I’ll be riding with over 400 riders with the support of over 100 crew members.
 -I ride 100 miles on the first day and 65 on the second.
 -100% of your donations (no administrative fees) go to the people living with HIV/AIDS and we’ve raised over $8.5 million since 2003!
 -I ride for all those living with HIV/AIDS who can’t ride.

Last year I rode to help Miracle of Love, an Orlando Agency that used a lot of their resources helping their community after the Pulse Shootings. This agency is an amazing group of people that not only helped people financially after that tragic night, but were there just as much for emotional support.  This year, I am riding for them again because they continue to need resources to help the survivors of the shooting.

I am also riding because I love being part of The SMART Ride organization. This group is very diverse and they welcome everybody as if you are family. If it is your 7th ride like me, your 14th, or your first. There are no labels, there are no cliques. Everybody comes together to make sure we get down to Key West in one piece to raise money for those living with HIV/AIDS.

So, I ask you again to help me reach my goal of $3,000 to help the SMART Ride by reaching between the cushions of your couch, that space between armrest and the driver’s seat in the car (I only want the change, not the French Fry), or even typing in your credit card below. If you want to send cash or check, just let me know and I will contact you.

Also, I will be posting a lot the weekend of the ride… hope you don’t mind!


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