What is The SMART Ride?The SMART Ride is an annual 2-day, 165-mile bicycle ride from Miami to Key West every November. We're the 2nd-largest AIDS bicycle ride in the country and the only one of our size to give back 100% of every dollar raised.

When is The SMART Ride 20?The SMART Ride 20 is on November 17th & 18th, 2023. Orientation Day is on November 16th.

Packing GuideHaving the correct equipment and supplies with you will just enhance your experience while on the SMART Ride. 

While we have some items, you are responsible for making sure you have the right items with you. Check out this Packing Guide for this year’s ride!

How Do I Train?Training is a very important part of the SMART Ride success! Find out more on our How To Train page.

Where do I leave my car in Miami during the ride?The University of Miami (our starting location) allows participants to leave their personal vehicles at their Pavia Garage until Sunday November 19th. The cost is $8/day and payable via an app you download when entering the garage. If you believe you will be staying longer in Key West we recommend you make arrangements with the hotel you are staying at in Miami to leave your car there. Please make sure they know so that they can placard it and not tow it as a “delinquent” vehicle.

What is the cost to register for the SMART Ride 20?The cost to register and participate in The SMART Ride 20 is $135. This includes housing on Friday, November 18th at our overnight destination and food and snacks on the route.

In addition, we ask you to commit to fundraising $1250. That commitment will help to support our six benefiting agencies. Visit our fundraising page for tips on how to raise money this year!

Why is there a $135 registration fee?The registration fees help to cover the operating costs for The SMART Ride, which operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit. This includes rent, utilities, costs to run the website, etc. That way, we can guarantee that 100% of the money you raise will go back to the benefiting agencies.

What is the 100% give back guarantee?100% of what you raise goes to AIDS Service Organizations in Florida GUARANTEED. You will make a significant difference in the lives of those at risk, infected and affected by HIV/AIDS

You have a degree of control over how your money is distributed:

90% of your funds are divided as follows: 50% is divided amongst all the benefiting agencies; 50% you decide how much and to which agency(s) your money goes (choosing from the agencies benefiting). The remaining 10% goes to the Lifeline (added in 2012 to help your impact go even further):

10% of all your funds are put into a pool, 100% of which is given out. This money is earmarked principally for additional agencies around the state that have needs that are currently not being met through other funding sources.

How do I fundraise?Visit the fundraising page on our website for tips on soliciting donations and ways to use our website, social media, and Strava to help get pledges. We also have a YouTube Video on this topic - Click Here

Can I use facebook to fundraise?The earlier you start fundraising the more likely you are to meet or exceed your goal! Check out fundraising tips ( for strategies!

Facebook Fundraising:
- Your Fundraising Page can automatically sync with donations from Facebook when the fund raiser is setup from the SMART Ride Facebook page (
- PLEASE NOTE: Your name on Facebook must match the name you are registered for on the SMART Ride 19!! Contact if there is a discrepancy. 
- Click on the Fundraisers heading located under the SMART Ride name, then click on the Raise Money button under Create Fundraiser, update the details of your fundraisers then click on Create button. 
- Please keep in mind donations through Facebook may take up to 7 days to show up on the SMART Ride website. Donations that are made outside FB do not feed into the total that is displayed on Facebook.

What if I don’t want to participate alone? Can I find someone in my area to ride with?For riders, you can contact your area rider rep indicated when you log into The SMART Ride site. For all other participants, email and we will try you connect you with someone in your area.

Is there a bus back from Key West on Sunday?Yes! If you’re interested in returning from Key West on SUNDAY, the Bus Departs at 10AM and Arrives 1PM. Please PURCHASE this from our Store - Click Here. If you have any questions, please contact Jeff (

May I use an e-Bike?No. We do not allow e-bikes to participate. The SMART Ride is about everyone using the same tools to participate.

Is there transportation for my bicycle?Yes! We’re collaborating with Downtown Bicycle as a location for bike drop-off - and for those out of state - a place to ship your bikes. However, if you need bike assembly, contact Downtown Bikes for pricing and payment. Your Bike transport though (one way or roundtrip) is available for purchase in our store - visit

How can riders prepare?- Get your bike out and dust it off!

- Make sure your tires are inflated (not your ego, remember in a battle a car always wins!).

- Check to make sure your helmet is in good working condition and hasn’t expired (yes helmets do break down over time and it is important to protect all that knowledge in your noggin).

- Start training now! If you need help finding a buddy to train with, let your rider rep know, or contact Tyrone Gerry, Rider Rep Manager directly at and he will try to find people in your area.

What are Important Dates?- Orientation Day, Thursday November 16th, 2023. You’ll want to set aside ~60-90min for the process.

- “The Ride” Friday November 17th and Saturday November 18th.

- Book a place to stay in Miami before the ride through our Hotel Program. An email will go out with a direct link in the summer. Contact Jeff Delmay - if you have any questions.

Can I rent a bike for The SMART Ride?Yes! However, The SMART Ride does NOT rent bikes for you, or act as an intermediary. It is up to individual riders to make any/all arrangements - including transportation of rental bikes to/from the event.

Experienced riders have shared with us that Eaton Bikes in Key West has a convenient option. If you use them, you must reserve online only AND reserve at least three(3) Day minimum. They will deliver the bikes to AH of Monroe one Thursday, November 16th for transportation to the University of MIA. The renter/rider is responsible for returning the bike to EATON Bikes in Key West.

SMART Ride participants have also rented from Downtown Bicycles in Fort Lauderdale in the past.

Click Here for Downtown Bicycle's Online Booking Rental Form

What’s my homepage?Make sure you’ve updated your home page & are on track to meet your fundraising goals at by logging in!

- You can tell your personal story.
- Set your fundraising goal.
- Join a team.
- Check the donations made to you.
- Send thank you notes right from your home page.
- Look at your SMART Ride history and who has donated to you in the past.

What about TSR and STRAVA Integration?STRAVA Integration:
- You can now integrate your riding miles using the Strava App (tracks riding miles with GPS), download the App (free one) and set up an account then connect it to your SMART Ride page. 
- Please Note: The original fundraising aspect is no longer functional; it is for tracking miles only. Also, all miles (biking, running, walking, kayaking, etc.), will show on the SMART Ride website when you refresh them.

All-Inclusive Housing on The SMART RideOn Friday night of the ride we stay at Hawks Cay. Registration for these rooms will open in September and close in October.  You will receive an email asking you to log in and choose your roommates. If you have not registered by this time, reach out to us ASAP!

Private bathrooms and air conditioning. Beautiful pool area, manicured grounds, and a beach front.

There is NO additional cost for these accommodations to riders or crew (unless you upgrade to stay in the resort hotel).

For Thursday night before the ride, and Saturday night following the conclusion of the ride, we will post a link in the summer on the Housing Resource Page for recommendations on where to stay! If the page doesn't link anywhere now, it is because we haven't opened Housing yet.

Dietary Concerns while Ride/Crewing?On your registration form there was a question asking if you are a vegetarian, if you didn’t fill that out, just let us know by emailing us at While we make our best efforts, we cannot accommodate every dietary need. Make sure you come prepared with supplements. For example, we offer vegetarian options but not strict vegan options, so if you are vegan you will want to bring additional supplements to ensure you are getting your necessary nutritional requirements.

Traveling to SoFlo to Ride? Snowbirds Welcome!Just travel with your clips! If you are coming from out of town or simply don’t want to ship your bike, we have a solution.

Every year we partner with a local organization to provide loaner bikes that are checked in on Orientation Day at UM and picked up by our partner in Key West. 

Their bikes come with toe cages, but you can bring your clips and they will put them on our rental bike while they fit you during bike pick up. Imagine, when you register for the Smart Ride, you can come up to their trailer, pick up your reserved bike, get fitted and be done in a matter of minutes! We often offer helmets, bottle cages and locks on Orientation Day. Bike rentals are a very easy and organized process and our riders love the convenience! 

For more information on how to make your SMART Ride travel easier, check out our housing resources.


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