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GOAL: $1,250
RAISED: $1,405

N. Tyler Santos - Rider # 70

On Friday November 17th and Saturday November 18th, I will again join hundreds of other individuals for the second time, who will ride their bicycles or crew for 165-miles from Miami to Key West. Rejoining Team CDTC Cyclones, my efforts and support will be 100% behind benefiting the agency Children's Diagnostic & Treatment Center (CDTC) and their Comprehensive Family AIDS Program (CFAP); which provides primary care, specialty HIV medical care, medical case management and supportive services to HIV positive women, youth, children and infants who are HIV infected and HIV exposed. CFAP provides a one stop, family-centered approach to healthcare to address the needs of individuals living with HIV or AIDS and their families.
The Smart Ride journey is one filled with hope, pride and the dream of a future free of AIDS. This year will mark the 14th year of The SMART Ride journey, and while my participation last year initially started as a personal goal towards a greater distance/endurance with my cycling, I quickly became moved and passionately invested in the cause and agency I was riding with. Last year my ride was in honor of those friends and loved ones in my life touched/affected by HIV/AIDS. This year, my focus and ride is dedicated to the children being helped/supported by CDTC and the CFAP program because:
   •   Florida ranks #1 in the nation for new cases of HIV; with Broward and Dade Counties are the epicenter of new infections
   •   People still die from AIDS, not just here in Florida or around the country but around the world.
   •   CDTC’s Comprehensive Family AIDS Program helps more than 3,400 women and children each year.
   •   For the past eight years, 0 babies have been born to HIV+ pregnant mothers in their care.
   •   Healthy patients = lower viral load = less chance of transmitting HIV to others in the community.
I have set an ambitious goal to help raise more than the required $1,250 because I believe what we do makes a difference (100% of the money you donate will go back to the community), and clearly you did too as last year I exceeded the same goal by 250%. THANKS TO YOU!! 
The event guarantees that every penny that I raise (with your help) will be given to AIDS Service Organizations and directed to prevention, education and direct services. Together we can make a real difference, we can change the world, and help free future generations of living with HIV, while helping those already affected, infected or at risk today stay healthy.
We can share the words of Margaret Mead "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
I am once again asking you for your support in helping me contribute to the difference already being made and have been for the last 14 years that Smart Ride has raised and directly given $8.5 million back to the HIV/AIDS community. HIV/AIDS is still a real thing, and the more we keep the dialog going and the topic present in conversation, the more of a chance we have in making a difference. Recently the CDC released estimates of the number of annual HIV infections in the United States fell 18% between 2008-2014; however, with over 35,000 new cases still being added each year, HIV remains a serious health problem in the U.S., with gay and bisexual men bearing the greatest burden by risk group. That is why once again I am doing my part for the families and kids at CDTC and the community I am a part of, asking you to have a part as well by supporting me.
Thank you in advance for your support or continued support in my efforts and this great event/cause; be part of this ride with me all the way back to that pier and those giant checks adding services and support throughout our communities.

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My Heroes

Lourenda Block
I am so proud of you and so encouraged by you!

David & Jeannine Wise
Good Luck - Have Fun and no that Robert is riding with you.

Chris Austin
Tyler, thanks for making a difference.

Anthony Santoro

Maria Bellido
I am so happy that you are doing this again. I am very proud of you! E>

Madeline Correia
The Mind and Body Center
Happy Birthday, Darling!

katie mcauley
Ride on my friend! Sad I won't be joining in... <3 Katie

Carina Roberts

Kristen, Greg, and Axel Starr
Have an amazing time Tyler!

N Tyler Santos
From Facebook Fundraiser - July 2017; Bill Wesson $50.00

Joe Pereira
Happy Birthday, proud of what your doing!

David & Jeannine Wise
Happy Birthday Tyler - Hope it is a fabulous day followed by an even better year. Keep on fighting the fight.

Christopher Ellison
Proud of you Tyler for standing up and making a difference. Stay safe my friend.

Jan Swaine
Stay Safe and enjoy your ride.

Daina Sprague
You did great last year and I know you will do great this year. Thank you for doing this!

Ellen Bor
Happy Birthday Buddy! Here's to another fantastic RIDE!!

Stacey Peters
Wishing you a great ride for a wonderful cause! Stacey & Reba Peters

Jacque Maiorana
Amazing fight for a great cause. You got this Tyler!! 👏💪👊😘

Luis Rios
Good luck

N. Tyler Santos
From Facebook Fundraiser - Oct. 2017; Amanda Caton $20.00