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Jax Martino - Crew # 2197

As many of you know, I have been emblazened with passion for HIV prevention since I was young. I started working in HIV prevention via volunteering at age 16, and from there I knew I wanted to do more. I was bringing condoms to school and providing HIV education to students that the curriculum failed to include. from there I started to get more and more involved, finally getting my HIV counceling certification in 2019, and from there I really started my journey into prevention and education. 

Now working at Broward House, I get to do what I love every day, providing free HIV testing and education to those who need it. I love what I do very much, but what I love more is having the opportunity to continue the fight against HIV that was started so many years ago.  What continues to motivate me within this field is not just fighting to create a better world for those who come after me, but even more so is the thought of all of those who faught before me. I do what I do for those who couldnt make it, for those who would have been my elders today, my friends, my family. I think about the amazing people who did survive, and whom I have had the incredible pleasure knowing. I do it because I know that this fight can get tiresome, and someone has to be there to receive the baton.

This year is my first year being able to crew for smart ride outside of lockdown, and as my first real year, I want to make it incredible, for myself, for my team, and for my community. I am asking humbly for your donation, so myself and those I work with can continue on in the fight against HIV, and to continue to provide care to those living witht the virus, as well as prevention efforts for those who are negative. It may be generational Naivete, but I believe that we can see an end to HIV within my lifetime, but not without help and support.
So even if you can not personally donate, please, get the word out, share this with as many people as possible nad together, we can make a change.

Thank you all

-Jax (aka Kai)

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