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GOAL: $1,250
RAISED: $4,675

Patrick Gibbons - rider # 143

John Gibbons, my younger brother, passed away from AIDS complication on April 22, 1993.  John was an awesome kid.  I ride in his memory... any donations would be appreciated.

The event guarantees that every penny that I raise (with your help) will be given to AIDS Service Organizations and directed to prevention, education and direct services. Together we can make a real difference, we can change the world, and help free future generations of living with HIV, while helping those already affected, infected or at risk today stay healthy.

We can share the words of Margaret Mead "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed; it is the only thing that ever has."

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My Heroes

Marianna Murphy
This is wonderful Patrick. Happy Birthday John

227-422-826 LOVE YOU PAT

thomas gibbons
Triple R Pool Repair
165 for 165. Luvy aPat and Luvya John

Michael Gibbons
Ride on for John.

Patrick Gibbons
Woohoo for Smartride!

Mary and Phil Derrick
Hanks for keeping John’s memory alive and for a great cause! Love you!

John Grell

Jim Dennison
This I can’t even imagine the loss of a sibling. This is an amazing thing you’re doing Pat keep up the good work!

Janet O\'Riordan
Good luck Patrick! Awesome tribute to John!

Erik Sippola
Here's to a great ride and a beautiful cause, Gibbons!

Jennifer Brown

Whilelmina Kephart
Safe ride to you and all the riders.

Frank Luther
Ride for those who can’t!

Keith & Kellie Schneider
What a wonderful tribute for your brother! <3

Constance Frutchey

Rachel Fox
Go Patrick! Love, the Foxes

Patrick Gibbons
In honor of Buddy Gibbons

Lee Grose
Great man riding for a great purpose.

Kristen Brase
Wonderful way to honor your brother. Much love, The Brase Family

Mark O\'Harra
Let's do this again!!

Shirlee Richardson-Miller
4/22 well that is absolutely a sign for me to donate. Best wishes and hugs to you Patrick

Eric Carson
Ride like the wind. And don’t tuck your shirt into your shorts.

Jennifer Forrest

Sheila Stearns
So proud of you! Love you bunches! ♥️

Izu Derrick

Anne and Sean Quinn
Proud of you!!!! Happy Birthday John!!!!!


Kathleen ODonoghue

Karen Baltovski
You're such a great role model and a great human! The world needs more of people like you! The Baldinskis will be cheering you on!

Ed and Jean Baker
Way to go Patrick.

The Lewandoski Family

BJ Viers
Safe ride my friend!

Sue Simonelli

Kady Stephenson
Love ya!

David Kattreh
You rock!

Rosanne Vernon

Terri Ganson
You are the hero!

Laurel Jenkins
You are amazing!!! So proud of you. ❤️

Stephen Merrill


Shamus Gibbons

Erin Citrullo
We love us some Mr. Gibbons and we are happy to support him on this ride! We love you! The Citrullo’s

Art & Mary Frances Peck
Proud of you, Patrick

Robert Devers
You are a great teammate and a great Advocate for the cause!

Emylee Patenaude
Give'm hell, Pat!

Franz and Anita Lerch

Anne Quinn
keep pedaling

Colleen Hartnett
I really admire your devotion to this cause, Patrick! No better way to honor your brother.❤️

Lynn Stephens

Laura Kurtz

Melissa Runyan
You are awesome!

Jill Berry
It’s so good to see you constantly using your gift of physical fitness, to help others and different causes! Love ya!

Orlena Darisse


AnTrelle BROWN

Sunni Myers

Cass Relaford

Tricia Ross
I wish I could have known John. If he was anything like you, I would have loved him!! Miss ya Gibbons!

Alli White

Santina Brown

Erin Moses

K Serina
Good Luck Pat. In memory of John. ❤️❤️❤️

Hope Teper
You are amazing!

Alexandra Maus
Here’s to John!