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GOAL: $5,000
RAISED: $5,000

Blake Strasser - Rider # 561

OK - you guys know the drill. On Friday November 15th, and Saturday November 16th I will be riding from Miami to Key West 165-miles. It is basically flat, which does not make it easy. You NEVER stop pedaling on flats. You NEVER switch body positions on flats. Only Colby's giggle and Rodney's snarky one-liners break it up. They are my "moment of wheeeeeee" for two days. Yay men!

But here's the deal. The south is the new epicenter of AIDS in the US. While (knock wood) we are on the verge of ending AIDS in NY and CA is not far behind, the south has basically stalled. That is why I am more than happy to raise funds and awareness for a plethora of grassroots organizations in FL who are on the frontline.

Please help me raise $5,000! Every penny that I raise (with your help) will be given to AIDS Service Organizations and directed to prevention, education and direct services. 


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My Heroes

Ellen Peterson
Go girl!

Ellen Peterson
To the bravest woman that I know...RIDE ON!

Alan Miles
Oh Captain My Captain!

Garrison & David Grace/Burke
A 'Heroine' leads us to do better--Blake, you do just that!

Greg Ewald

Ellen Peterson
You go girl! You are an inspiration and I love you for it!

Amy Hemphill
You are an inspiration, Lady! Ride on!!!

Eric Epstein

Charles Herzog

Barron Collodi
Go get ‘em, amazing lady!

Eric Ottaway
Go Blake!

Asaf Yogev

Christian Miller
Ride on Velvet Hippo's

Thom Kam

Lisa Gabris
Go sis! I’ll be there with you in spirit!

Glenn Hammerson

Michael DeShields
New York City Department of Education

Skip Ralph

Amy Tenenbaum
You continue to amaze me. Your dedication, finding time to train, ability to leave the hippo for a few days, keeping up with your job and your other

Happy trails! Be sure to bunny hop any gators...

Matthew Brown
Happy trails as a safe ride!

James Dreher

Rachel Klein
Go Blake Go!!! Ride safe amazing lady!

Stephen Puibello
Thank you for all you do, be safe, have fun

Candy Samples
Blake, you are an inspiration! Thank you for being such a force in the movement to end AIDS! I treasure you!!!

Lance Miller
Go Blake - woo hoo!!

Norrie Kurtz
You continue to inspire us all. Hugs!!!

Jesse Pasackow