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Tyrone Flowers - Rider # 272

Today I stand in my truth.

I have HIV.

For 12 years. I’ve taken a pill (almost) everyday. In the beginning I didn’t have insurance. Which meant coming up with creative reasons for requesting off work, to spend hours (minimum 2 hours)at the health department. Meeting with case workers, standing in lines, providing documents, proving that I had the virus and needed the medication. 

I battled with self hatred due to being positive. Looking for love, while infected was the beginning of a short but dark phase where i abused drugs and alcohol. “No diseases or stds” or seeing dozens of profiles on dating apps saying “ clean and disease free”, eventually started to make me feel less attractive. As a result, I put myself in dangerous situations. Isolation, long days and longer nights. I didn’t close my eyes for 4 days in a row. I looked for love and acceptance in really scary places. I managed to hide my eyes from family and friends.

Fast forward almost 12 years. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. From my heart to my brain. I

take a pill every day. I’m now considered

 “undetectable” (which basically means hiv can’t be detected in my blood) 

In the end, being diagnosed not only changed how I function on a daily basis but, it completely changed my outlook on life. 

Once the dust settled, I got my life on track. I started taking care of myself mentally and physically. I learned the value of

self-love and self-care. Eventually loving and understanding myself more than I ever have. (It’s not always biscuits and gravy. I still battle with depression and anxiety, which I manage weekly with thearpy) 

If you’re recently positive, I hope you find comfort in this post. Your hiv status doesn’t define you (positive or negative) It will get better and won’t always feel like this. Getting on medication is a priority! You have to manage the virus, don’t let it manage you. I also highly recommend speaking to a thearpist. The sooner you start communicating and expressing your feelings the better. I found telling some family and close friends helped with loneliness. &l

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My Heroes

So proud of you and how you do for others. Love to you and your ride buddies!

James Schmidt
Have a good ride !! Best to all of the Flower Buds

Stuart D’Arcy
To a warrior of life. Good luck, Tyrone and the rest of the riding crew. You are all amazing.

Evan Goldman
Tyrone I am so proud of you!! I love you my friend!!

Alexis Quittner
Tyrone! You are an inspiration. Your family and friends are so lucky to have you as a role model.

Dan Stephens
Great work Tyrone. Keep on kickin ass. 👍

Ronald Akie
Thanks for riding for this cause!

Jason Manocchio
Love you, Tyrone! Good luck meeting your goal and on the ride -- if there's anyone that can do it, we know you can! Love - Jason, Chirs, and Calvin

Gail Marshall

Gadi Zohar
Go Tyrone! The Gadfather is behind you all the way (well more on the sidelines, bc I’m not in shape for this ride)

Cassandra Soja
You are amazing Tyrone. I know it's been since college since I have seen you but you are always an inspiration. ❤

Kathryn Lorenzini
Unique Image
So proud of you, you give others strength to stand in their power -- Love you doll XOXOXO

Lynn Johnson
Cheering you on! Love, The Johnson Girls ❤️

Latasha Stafford
I am so proud of you and I love you.

Sara Fuller
Good luck on your ride! Thanks for sharing your story.

Kelsey Paras

Chelsea and Gerall Hasrouni
Boy you betta!!

Lance Abisror
Much love!

Gabriel Duque
Use sunscreen


Leslie Carey

Erin Wallace

Brian and bill Sullivan

Courtney Loechl
So proud of you boo! You are amazing!! 💕

Nic Beaven

Robert Hadley
Ty, as someone who also is living with HIV I feel with you and am honored to ride with you