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GOAL: $5,233
RAISED: $7,725

Troy Valls - Rider # 507

i do it because i can;
only, this year i nearly didn't.

going into my 8th ride, not sure what i was thinking entertaining the idea i wouldn't ride this year. we've all felt the heavy of the past couple years, and i didn't feel ready. but then, just a couple weeks back, i was sent a message from the universe reminding me of the pledge i made in 2013 when i embarked on my first ride. my HIV positive status made someone feel nervous around me — a quick reminder that there is still plenty work to be done.

i reaffirm that i will support this cause until there's no longer need to. while we're in a much better place with treatment for folks like me living with HIV, preventative measures like PrEP and a slightly broader awareness that UNDETECTABLE EQUALS UNTRANSMITTABLE (U=U) — in some ways, how better off we are these days has also led to a bit of apathy around the subject. "out of sight, out of mind, not my problem," kind of mentality. until it is.

on friday, 11.19, again i'll be joining hundreds of riders and crew on our annual 165-mile journey from miami to key west. this year will be different for me. i'll be hitting the road independent of any team. but, while i might be flying solo this year, i couldn't possibly feel further from alone. these past two years in particular have revealed how blessed i am with an incredible community of family and friends surrounding me. i'll do the hard work of riding for all of us, because i know you'll show up to support with as much as you can — and you are among the greatest of hearts and o mightiest of humans. 

across my past rides i've raised $34,767.

i know i'll surpass the $1,250 minimum to ride.
but my true goal is to hit a total of $40,000 for all 8 rides, which means this year i trust we can raise over the $5,233 needed to get there. even better, we shoot up into the top 10 fundraisers this year!

every penny goes back to the AIDS service organizations throughout the state of florida the SMART Ride supports; the ones on the ground providing prevention, education and direct services.

i'm dong it to see a world free from HIV and AIDS.

you with me?

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My Heroes

Sean McConnell
Thanks for riding 8 years for such a great cause -

Jared Powell
Go Troy!

Oscar Ortiz
Your a good human being. I am grateful to know you.

Mark Bradley Jones

Brandon & Bobby Berretta-Paris
T-roy the B’s are there in spirit, with every push of the peddle! We love you and are inspired by your 8 years of riding! Xoxo

Peter Ortega
Keep riding Troy, we love you! Love the Ortega-Tookes fam

Victoria Garrett
So proud of you and so much love for you!

Alejandro Palli
Crush it Troy! $1 per mile 🚴‍♂️May the wind be in your favor 🙏

Victor Cruz
Thanks for leading and inspiring! Best of luck in the race.

Yocklem Li
Have fun and a Pura Vida ride … cheers and tks!

Amit Jolly
Carpe Biosciences
We need more advocates like you, Troy. I love everything you represent in your ethos, logos, and pathos. HIV treatments have come a long way, and acce

Juan Camilo Gallego
Good luck on the ride and thanks for supporting this cause! Will be with you in spirit and hopefully join you in the future. Love you brother!!!

Carlos Gonzalez
Lets go coach!

Julieta Melgar
So proud to be your friend

Bruno Mariano

Carolina Gahm
Have a beautiful ride Troy!!! This is amazing!!

Angela Wical

Adam Smith

Maria Costa
Good luck and God bless you!! You can do it.

Chris Espinal
Go represent boss man! Bring all the sunshine ☀️

Deborah Wilson
I am glad you are continuing with your pledge...good luck!!!

Ursula Castañeda

Patricia Scerpella
Way to go Troy! Ernesto & Patty

Steven Buibish

Nelly Violeta Cepeda
Great job Troy…keep it up!

Sarah Jimenez
Your lululemon team is with you every pedal of the way! GO TROY GO!!!

Patricia Arredondo
Felicitaciones, Troy! Tia Patty

Yolanda Valls
I love you, my son. I’m such a proud momma!

Nick Karpinski
My man! Keep those legs moving!!

Jaime Francisco Inurritegui
Applisys SAC
Fuerza Troy!

Josie H
Shinning some light ✨ because we can! 🌈🚴🏻👏🏻

Stephanie Diaz
Ride strong and have FUN!

Eddie Plata
Love you, Troy!

John Wilson

Marisa Caballero
Very proud of you Troy.

Karla Valdivia
Ride on!!!

Kevin Hart
Good luck you got this!

Patricia Feraco
Good luck and God Bless You Troy!

Marisol Gomez
Good luck Troy !!!!

Santiago Pesantes

Tim Wagoner
Thanks for riding AGAIN!

Evelyn Curry
Proud of you!

Lissette Machado
You Rock Troy!! Good luck! Love you! xo

Maylinn Delamaza
Grrrrroar....go get 'em tiger

Helena Oates
He stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow his way…he adjusted his sails. I love you 🥰

Luis Naranjo
Nothing but a great and smart man

Emiro Perez
Éxito Mi Guerrero de Luz! You continue to inspire us day by day. Enjoy the ride. If you need a training partner, let me know. Big hug, EAP

Maritza Rojas
Troy you are an inspiration to many. Keep up the good work. 👏👏👏

Kobe Lynk
You rock Troy!!!

Salvador Torrez
Thank you, Troy!! You inspire me!

Adam Block
Go Troy!

Koji Joshina
You got this!, we all have your back

Carlo Morante

Ena Muncher
Muchos éxitos !

Lucia Pasquini

Viviana Barua
Felicitaciones sobrino !!

Anthony Catalino
I will always LOVE and ADMIRE the beacon of light you are in this world! Keep it up sunshine, and have an amazing ride! XOXO

Adriana Muinos

Paul Richardson
You are doing great work! I'll be cheering you on in spirit!!

Noah Trinz

Julie Griggs
Although I don’t have the honor or pleasure of having your amazing self in my everyday life, you are an inspirational force in all of our lives. Lov

Emiro Perez
Let’s get you to the top 10!

Darryl Stingley
You are a real life superhero Troy! Make that ride look goooood!

Annie Lanfranco
Buenísima suerte!!!

Alina Iglesias

Nori Subero
You are amazing.

Ben Davis

Pily Montiel
Get em’ coach :)

Lauren Lewis
You’re such an inspiration!! Wishing you an awesome ride!

Gabriel Houssou

Gustavo Moran
Proud of you !

Let's gooooo brother.

Aarin Linsky

Shaya Weinstein
Fox PT

Marissa Arellano
Love you Troy!

Jess Day
Fox Physical Therapy
proud of you!

Josiry Cirino
Job it’s not done! Let’s s keep making this planet a better loving place.

Jasmine harris

Grace Dima

Nicole Lopez
You can do it, coach!